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27.06.2024, 3-9 pm

Drawing research around 1900

Research networks and knowledge transfer. Conference on the occasion of the 90th death anniversary of the Spanish neuroanatomist Ramón y Cajal

Lecture Hall Ruin of the Berlin Medical History Museum

Campus Charité Mitte

Campus adress: Virchowweg 16

Online Registration

Free of charge

Together with the Embassy of Spain in Berlin, the BMM organises an interdisciplinary event on the life and work of the neuroanatomist Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934). In Spain, he is regarded as the founder of modern neuroscience, and his drawings can still be found in German neuroscience textbooks today, as well as being omnipresent in art and culture. The BMM's current special exhibition "The Brain in Science and Art" also features some of his drawings.

The event will focus on the following questions: What were the scientific networks and the practice of exchange that were relevant for the recognition and dissemination of Cajal's work around 1900? And what significance did drawing have as a means of anatomical documentation and the acquisition of scientific knowledge?

The event will be held in English and will be streamed live on YouTube!


2:30 pm


3:00 pm

Museum Director Monika Ankele and Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain Pascual Navarro

3:15 pm

Biography of Ramón y Cajal, significance for modern neuroscience
Alberto J. Schuhmacher (Zaragoza, Spain)

4:00 pm

Albert von Koelliker and the discovery of Cajal - networks, scientific societies and the transfer of knowledge in the 19th century
Jonas Eufinger (Würzburg, Germany)

4:40 pm


4:50 pm


5:20 pm

Looking, Drawing, Thinking with Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Erna Fiorentini (Karlsruhe, Germany)

6:05 pm

Neural Narratives: Exploring Early Cajal Drawings and Contemporary Neuroscientific Images
Miguel Ángel Rego (Madrid, Spain)

6:45 pm

Closing Discussion

7:00 pm

Exhibition visit and Get-Together

9:00 pm

End of Conference