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The brain in science and art

16.06.23 – 08.09.24

An exhibition of the Berlin Museum of Medical History of the Charité and the

the Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn,

in collaboration with the Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging and

the Section of Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation of the Clinic for Neurology of the Charité

The brain is a book with seven seals. As the central body organ that constitutes our being and essence, its structures and functions are still not understood in many respects. Currently, neuroscience is making the greatest research efforts to solve the brain's mysteries. From this, it draws innovative approaches for diagnosis and therapy of neurological and psychiatric diseases, especially in Berlin, particularly at the Charité.

The exhibition "The Brain in Science and Art" lifts the curtain. It offers anyone interested a walk behind the scenes. It shows how detailed the map of the brain can now be drawn, where perception, sensation, memory and thinking are located, how the individual brain regions are networked to form higher functional units, and what medical assistance can now be provided precisely when brain functions are limited by age, illness or accident.

But the exhibition also deliberately broadens the view. It asks about the ego and the self and how we place ourselves in the world and connect with it. In doing so, it consciously relies on the sensorium of art. In outstanding works, artistic positions are called up that interpret the brain as a projection surface for being human in all its dimensions in a highly knowledgeable, creative and subjective way.


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Gemälde: Indecision von Bryan Charnley
Bryan Charnley
Skizze der Pyramidenzellen von Cajal
Pyramidal cells of the human cerebral cortex and their axonsSantiago Ramón y Cajal
Kunstwerk: Porzellanfiguren, Broken Ladies: Camilla und Gail von Jessica Harrison
Broken Ladies: Camilla and Gail
Jessica Harrison
Kunstwerk: Porzellanfigur: Broken Ladies, Camilla und Gail von Jessica Harrison
Broken Ladies: Camilla and Gail
Jessica Harrison
Hirnabbildung: Frontotemporale Demenz (Morbus Pick)
Frontotemporal dementia (Pick's disease)
Institute for Neuropathology, Charité
Fotografie von einem Gedächtnistest mit Spielfiguren
Memory test with play figures
Clinic for Neurology, Charité