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Public lecture and discussion in English

19.08.2023, 5 pm

Could a Large Language Model be Conscious?

There has recently been widespread discussion of whether large language models such as the GPT systems (a specific form of artificial intelligence) might be sentient or conscious. Should we take this idea seriously? I will discuss the underlying issue and will break down the strongest reasons for and against.


Robert-Koch-Platz 7 | 10117 Berlin

free entrance

David Chalmers is a professor at New York University. He is one of the most prominent international philosophers of the present day. His 1996 book on consciousness is a classic of modern philosophy, and his work has been noticed and discussed far beyond academic philosophy for decades. His 2022 book Reality+ is on the Washington Post's list of best nonfiction books of the year. In this talk, he addresses the question of whether artificial intelligences, especially Large Language Models like ChatGPT, could have consciousness.